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13 – Hour Certificate in Conversational English = $50

40 – Hour Certificate in Conversational English = $150

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Legal English, Business English, History of America, & Culture of America, commence 1 August 2013. Enroll now at:, to reserve your place!

…started 1 May 2013. Contact Us Now to reserve your place!


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WELCOME all new students. English Language Instruction has become a group of educators hoping to unite the world through a common language. Our students come from Africa, Europe, the Middle East, India, the far East, Russia, Korea, and South America. Our educators explore student’s desires and use inspiration as a guide. Lessons are adapted based upon each student.










English Language Instruction is happy to announce students from Madagascar, Sudan, United Arab Emirates, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Burundi, Senegal, Togo, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Yemen, Russia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Brazil, Venezuela, Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar, and Cambodia have enrolled in Conversational English courses…

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