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Courses (to be updated…)


For a limited time, one FREE Conversational English lesson…

English Language Instruction


Courses start: 15 April 2013 (Conversational English)

1 August 2013 (History & Culture, Law, Business)

For further details contact:

English Language Instruction

We offer educational courses taught in English to non-native speakers.  1 to 5 students…


Skype courses in History & Culture, Business or Legal Terminology, as well as Conversational English.

Rates starting at:

-1 person @ $10.00/hour (Conversational English)

  • -5 students @ $6.00/hour per student

-1 person @ $13.00/hour (History & Culture of America)

  • -5 students @ $7.00/hour per student

-1 person @ $15.00/hour (Legal English, Business English)

  • -3 students @ $9.00/hour per student

We look forward to working with you!